• The Nature – Emphasis lies in the friendly green space and environmentally-friendly materials, which are meticulously handmade, like woods, glass, clay

• Contemporary – A modern area with recent facilities, suitable for all residents from energetic youth to family or business people…

• Ethnic – The story of 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam is told intricately via each design and decoration. In each corner, guests can witness the cultural activities of the group displayed handily in each detail.

• Generous – The wonderful value of Vietnamese people is displayed through the hospitality, conscientiousness and thoughtfulness shown by its staffs.



With a history span of 4,000 years, Vietnam has in itself the unique cultural characteristics of 54 ethnic groups, represented by the golden forests, silvery sea as well as the ancient tree as the guardian gods always protect and bring peace to everyone.
Coming to Au Lac Legend, a modern space opened with modern design but still carries the beautiful trait of traditional ethnic cultures, besides convenient facilities and services for all tourists and busiest business people.

Situated in one of the most beautiful in Saigon, guests can have a full view peering into the heart of the city with many attractions: Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, Independence Palace, Turtle Lake or the bustling Dong Khoi street,… all within walking distance.

Walking ito the main hall of Au Lac Legend, guests could immerse in the space packed with beautiful cultural details of all 54 ethnic groups. Inspired by the image of the trunk from huge ancient tree, the main hall design incorporating wooden materials with a touch of foliage green and natural materials such as glass and clay brings guests the feeling of closeness to nature. 

Each step through the hotel corridors leading to the rooms brings guests into a journey of cultural discovery, through each signature cultural aspects of Vietnam: from the spectacular mountain ranges, or vast forest, or the terraced fields.

The accomodation at Au Lac Legend is not only modern and well-equipped with recent facilities, it also brings guests into a colorful cultural space. The portrayal of ethnic activities and life is meticulously brought to life with the decoration and arrangement of familiar interior objects with great craftmanship.

Au Lac Legend would love to bring the most fulfilled moments for guests and loved ones. Nothing is better than to enjoy a nutritious and fulfilling breakfast for a brand new day, or explore a culinary journey with dishes distinctive in local flavor inside a cozy area around stories of local culture.

Au Lac restaurant serves breakfast buffet from 06:30 to 09:30 and afternoon tea from 14:30 to 17:30.

Like walking on the highlands, YLang Rooftop Bar brings you amazing cocktails with the bustling panoramic view of the city. Besides, guests could feel relaxing while immersing in the cool water of the jacuzzi pool or sauna, leaving the daily stress and anxiety behind. The hotel also has the gym equipment which makes your stay the most dynamic and energetic.

Not only trying to preserve the physical characteristics of Vietnamese ethnic groups, Au Lac Legend also tries to incorporate the beautiful spiritual values ​​of the Tay, E De, Dao, Thai and H'Mong ethnic groups, which are displayed in the quality of service and the hospitality from its people. For every visitor to Au Lac Legend, you will be welcomed like a close friend

At Au Lac Legend, not only we want to bring the guests a comfortable feeling like returning home, a deep sleep to rejuvenate your positive energy, but we also would like to make this an ideal destination with dedication, where every of your experiences is truly memorable and complete.

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