You don't always have to be busy with too many worries in life. Let yourself have a time to relax and enjoy the cool water together with unique cocktails or immerse yourself in the ethnic cultural space which is both warm and cozy.

Located in a prime location in Saigon, Au Lac Legend hotel is a place that brings visitors countless unforgettable moments. It is where outstanding cultural features fuse with contemporary architectural details, to give those love discovery a chance to explore the beauty of ethnic groups across Vietnam.

In those last days of the year at Au Lac Legend, visitors can choose to go wild with the lively and bustling atmosphere of the bikini party on the lake, or stsay quiet and composed in a space recreating the life of ethnic groups in the highland, completed with “ruou can” and serene ethnic melodies.

In harmony with the architectural style rich in ethnic features at Au Lac Legend is a corner that recreates the highland region of Vietnam. Visitors will not only be able to enjoy the taste of mountains and forests through jars of “ruou can” signature to the Central Highlands. The pungent aroma with spicy yet calm taste from each sip of wine accompanying by the sound coming from ethnic instruments will bring tourists on a journey to the Central Highlands within the cozy atmosphere at Au Lac Legend.

What is more wonderful than a journey of discovery into the unique colorful cultural lifestyle of ethnic people in the mountainous area of Central Highlands? The intoxicating taste from the aromatic wine will blend with the unique tunes from the ethnic instruments will move your senses, which makes the stay at Au Lac Legend an adventure that satisfies all senses.
Not only discovering the exceptional cultural features, guests can witness Au Lac Legend's rooftop transformed into a space for outdoor bikini pool party.
The modern
jacuzzi is placed next to the bar will give you a great time on the open terrace. Tropical cocktails made by Au Lac Legend's professional bartenders will be the unique accents adding more to the excitement of the bikini pool party.

Do not wait, choose for yourself an exciting activity for an exciting year-end season at Au Lac Legend amidst the busy life. It is the exploration and immersion in the ethnic timbre from the high land with intoxicating jars of wine that satisfy your senses, or the enthusiasm from bikini pool party completed with tropical cocktails and lively music? all are the unique features that Au Lac Legend will bring to you at the end of this year.

Au Lac Legend Hotel – 4-star hotel with the contemporary culture style situated in a central street at the heart of Saigon.

Address: 90 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Dist. 1, Ho Chi Minh city.
HOTLINE 0933 184 865
EMAIL: sales@aulaclegendhotel.com

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